Automated Cake Packaging System Case Study

Client: Large UK Baked Goods Manufacturer

Project Brief

Provide an automated packaging systems solution for loading a new range of cake products in to shelf ready cases.


Technical Solution

Complete automation of the end of line packaging incorporating a singulation system to receive and distribute thermoformed products to single lane, robotic pick and place system, high-speed lock type case erector and case closer.

  •  Case Erector for locking RSC style cases without the need for tape or glue.
  •  Easily integrated with an automated loading system such as a Tekpak Packman® Robotic Pick and Place
  •  Low maintenance – no gluer or tape module to maintain
  •  High levels of efficiency using servo controlled drive mechanisms
  • Speeds – up to 30 cases/minute.



The launch of a new product range. Reduction in labour overhead.