Schneider, AB & Rockwell Automation

Chocolate Confectionery Robotic Pick and Place Automated Packaging Line

Robotic Pick and Place Line for New Confectionery Product range for a well known Artisan Chocolatier

Chocolate Confectionery

Project Brief

Come up with a flexible packaging system for loading 12 formats of enrobed chocolate products in to trays whilst retaining the artisan, hand-made qualities of the trays and product (usually, robotic loaded confectionery has bigger cavities but this product had to look like it fitted snug in the tray to give the impression of handmade, hand packed etc).

Technical Solution

This project involved 12 different flavor and tray combinations so the robotic system had to be able to handle changing between tray formats very quickly. We worked with Butlers Chocolates for several months before the project scope was fully defined. Our Software engineers teamed up with Schnieder engineers in Germany to develop the Robot program which is capable of picking and placing moving products in to tight cavities in moving trays – this required extreme precision and very advanced programming and it represented a step forward in Robotics innovation.


This system enabled Butlers Chocolates to launch a new product range that would have been cost prohibitive with a manual packing solution.

  • Throughput 300 products per minute
  • Single control system for complete line controlling the vision system and the Robots
  • Accuracy +/- 0.1mm
  • Frame Stainless Steel solid and robust
  • Can be easily adapted to pick multiple products