confectionery barsConfectionery Bars Case Study

Client: Tangerine Confectionary

Super Flexible Robotic Confectionery Packaging Line to pack Ruffles Chocolate Bars into Multipacks or SRCs for Tangerine Confectionery



Gripper with ruffles

Project brief

Tangerine Confectionery needed a solution that was flexible, high speed and offered excellent payback on investment so that they could increase volumes on the line for their product and virtually eliminate manual packing.


The difficult aspect of this product was that the Robotic Packaging Machinery system had to handle two radically different packaging formats – it had to be capable of loading in to Shelf Ready Cartons AND Flow Wrap Multipacks. And size change had to be FAST.

Technical solution

  • Fastest size change on the market (1 minute)
  • The only system that can handle both multipack and shelf ready pack formats as fast and compact as this one.
  • Size change does not require specialist maintenance/engineering staff or tool


  • Increased throughput by 33% and reduced manual labour from 6 to 1
  • High speed pick and place system 500/min
  • Shelf Ready Carton ‘lock type’ carton erector – the most compact system on the market.
  • Very easy to change sizes between 4,5,6 & 8 formats and does not require maintenance staff to do it.
  • Remote access so that Tekpak engineers can provide instant back up and training support via IP cameras mounted in to the Robot cell.



The system exceeded expectations in terms of build quality and performance. The specifications were agreed up front and the system was built on time and to schedule with a good Factory Acceptance Test. I would recommend Tekpak to colleagues and associates.

Tangerine Confectionery, Andrew Hamilton