Medical DeviceDesign & Manufacturing Process

The process usually starts with the customer wanting to do a combination of these three things:

  • Launch a new product range at a competitive price with automated packaging process to keep unit  costs down.
  • Reduce the costs and inefficiencies on the carton loading Line or packaging line so that they can manufacture their product more competitively.
  • Increase throughput of a product in response to consumer demand.

Technical Design and Packaging Line Automation Consultancy

Your Requirements – The first step is to find out exactly what you want to achieve – our design team have many years of experience in packaging line automation. We specialise in customising packaging lines to suit the exact requirements of the customer particularly for validated applications e.g pharmaceutical, medical device and infant nutrition.

John Kehoe & Frankie Rose

Best Solution – Our Design team are engineers with a wealth of experience in designing packaging lines. Our designs are based on modules that are tried and tested using only world leading components which are easily sourced. Some customers require something a bit special. In that case, we have a prototyping studio where we use methods such as digital prototyping and mechanical prototyping to test our design principles.

Budget proposal & Initial Concept layouts are made in 2D and we give you some indication of the required level of investment for budget purposes. We can usually give budgetary figures at this stage to support your automation justification process.

Narrow the scope- we will work closely with you to come up with the best solution for you. It might take several weeks to reach the solution that best meets your needs and within budget more  especially if there are challenges like multiple sizes of product or space constraints in the manufacturing area.technical design

Detailed proposal – Once we have all agreed on what will be the best solution for you, we will make a detailed proposal which includes Layouts, Technical information and the project deliverables.